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Aaron Stewart
Aaron Stewart

Gal Gun Double Peace Mods __LINK__

I will not joke ever again as it seems there are many sensitive people here who are easily offended. A shame as we could all do with some laughter now but obviously there are those that don't want to laugh which is fine. I'll play along to keep the peace.

Gal Gun Double Peace Mods

Still this game made me made my peace with how Inti Creates handles their line of work in being a 16+ Indie label since they also made Gunvolt Franchise, Blaster Master and how they just openly embrace the naughtier side of Megaman that we didn't think too much about when we were kids.

Of the single (e) and double (ee) and of the single o and bouble oo. when the one and the other ought to be writ ten. The single e, when he commeth alone in the latter end of a Sillable, or els with a Consonant after him: should be sound shorte and out of the mouth, as when I saye thus. This beaste I sle, this Conny I fie, I break my hed, I goe to bed, I hurt my leg, this man doth beg All these woordes in the latter end of these rimes (that is) sle, fle, hed, bed, leg, beg, are sounded open without the mouth and somewhat shorte, therfore they would [Page]be written with single (e) & so the Italians vse to sound the single (e) and so we ought to teach Children to sound it in learning their Crosrowe. But when I say thus, beholde I see, I kneele on my knee, this birde dooth breede, my nose dooth bleed, this man I ween, is sick in the spleen, all these woordes in the latter end of these rimes, (that is to saye) knee, breede, bleed, ween, spleen, are sounded close within the mouth, and some what more prolonged, therfo [...]e they would be written with the double (ee) for it is more conuement to prolong the double (ee) then the single (e) and also more conuenient to make short the single (e) and not the double (ee) and the same rule would be obserued in the single (o) and the double (oo) for when I saye thus. A barraine Do, is as swilt as a [...]o. I looue wel God, smite with ye rod. These woords do, to, god, red would be written wt single (o) But when I say this woman I woo, this woorke I doo, the blessed rood amend your mood, these woordes woo, doo, rood, mood, would be writtē with double (oo) and so ye double (oo) ought to be sounded long, and within the mouth, & the single (o) short and out of the mouth, and we ought to teach our children to sou [...]de the single (o) in learning them the Croste we as the Italians sound it. Neuertheles there is many woo, des in Englishe that men vse to sound somtime after the single (e) and sometime after the double (ee) and somtime after the single (o) and somtime after the double (oo) yee may write them with single (e) or double (ee) and with single (o) or double(oo) at your pleasure. 350c69d7ab


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