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All For Us - Zendaya Only (Euphoria HBO Original Soundtrack)

"All for Us" is a song originally written, produced, and performed by English singer Labrinth,[3] released as a single from the former's album Imagination & the Misfit Kid on 30 June 2019 through Syco Music. A reworked version of the song was featured heavily in the American teen drama Euphoria with vocals from star Zendaya where it appeared on the first season's soundtrack and won Labrinth the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.

All For Us - Zendaya Only (Euphoria HBO Original Soundtrack)


The original version of "All For Us" was actually released a little over a month ago and did not feature Zendaya's vocals. The synth-y trip hop track debuted in the third episode of Euphoria on June 30, only this was a solo version performed only by British rapper, singer, and producer Labrinth. Given that the song had already been released in full, there was an added layer of surprise when the final moments of the Euphoria Season 1 finale revealed a brand new version of "All For Us" in which Zendaya performed the song alongside Labrinth.

The BRIT Award-winning artist clarified via Instagram a few days later that I'm Tired was taken down "due to issues behind the scenes" and that he was "working on fixing it" but fans' devastated reactions only proved the larger, often forgotten point that without Labrinth's original soundtrack, Euphoria would not be the success that it is today. 041b061a72


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