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Chann Pardesi Punjabi Movie Down !!BETTER!!

Sikh Cinema? I have never heard of this term before as well. There is Punjabi cinema though which after a long downturn has surfaced again - thanks to some recent good quality family entertainment such as Jee Aayan No, Asan Nu Maan Watnaan Da & Des Hoya Pardes (starring Gurdaas Maan & Juhi Chawla). Famous Bollywood cinematographer turned Director Manmohan Singh (Of DDLJ fame - more info here - ) is making 'Yaara Naal Bahara' with Jimmy Shergill, Juhi Babbar (Raj Babbars daugher) after 2 successive hits as mentioned earlier(Jee Aayan No & Asan Nu Maan Watnaan Da) and is the man resposible for uplifting Punjabi cinema to its current state. Apparenly Bobby Deol is also appearing in an upcoming Punjabi flick aptly titled 'Nalayek'. In the past decades, there has been some more quality movies such as Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai, Chann Pardesi (The only Punjabi Film to ever win the "National Award"), Putt Jattan Dey, Laung Da Lishkara, Mann Jeete Jagjeet, Ucha Dar Babey Nanak Da etc but they were over shadowed by really bad punjabi movies which had no social, family or entertainment value altogether. Most of the movies were made with the word 'Jatt' such as Jatt Da Gandasa, Jatt Dee Zameen etc and had loud actors, bad music, cheap comedy and literally made people stop watching Punjabi movies. There is no dearth of Punjabi talent though. All good quality actors such as Raj Babbar, Amrish Puri, Om Puri moved onto greener pastures (read Bollywood) after appearing in some good Punjabi movies. Other screen legends include Punjabis such as Dev Anand, Sunil Dutt, Vinod Khanna, Dharmender, Kapoor family, singers like Mohammad Rafi, directors like Yash Chopra, Gulzar (real name Sardar Sampooran Singh), Lyricist Sahir Ludhianwi etc. Buts its good to see some good quality Punjabi movies these days.

Chann Pardesi Punjabi Movie Down

There is another movie just launched "dali nalon tor na sanu" which is based on the teachings and cultural revolution started by Bhai Vir Singh. What we miss today is "decent" punjabi music and this movie takes us to the new heights. It has wonderful presentation of poems. It is actually acted by amatures who have tried to convey a message of wearing Turban and are proud to be Sikh. It talks about actual sikh culture and not what is generally shown as comic characters. See this, promote this and feel pride.

Yes, It's a crime to miss out Khamosh Paani. Sabiha Sumar, the director, does a wonderful job. Music and songs rendered by Dr. Madan Gopal Singh are of highest quality. Apart, the movie is made with such a neutral approach, truly reflecting the heart of Punjabiyat.Bollywood has inflicted a huge loss on Sikh image in recent times, but, there were some very good portrayal of Sikh characters by Directors like Govind Nihalani. His TV serial cum telefilm "Tamas" is the one. Also, he made "Vijeta" with a turbaned Sikh fighter pilot as lead. Shashi Kapoor's son Kunal Kapoor did that part. Recently, "Amu" by Sonali Bose was a good release. "Train to Pakistan" by Pamela Rooks is good. Gulzar's daughter Meghna Gulzar did a short movie "Pooranmaashi" in the release "Dus Kahaniaan". In 20 min. she delivers such a powerful story, that no 3hrs. Karan Johar's movie can do. In punjabi movies, "Long da Lishkara" is one my favourite. Raj Babbar did a punjabi movie "Marhi da Diva" based on a novel by Gurdyal Singh. Balraj Sahani made "Pavittar Paapi" based on Nanak Singh's novel. Then there is "Ik Chadar Maili Si" based on a novel by Rajinder Singh Bedi. So, there are people who did good job showing Sikh/Punjabi culture in cinema, but may be not so popular. Here's a link to Sabiha Sumar's interview. -sumar/

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