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Reboot builds upon Normalize, providing many HTML elements with somewhat opinionated styles using only element selectors. Additional styling is done only with classes. For example, we reboot some styles for a simpler baseline and later provide .table, .table-bordered, and more.


This module is part of ansible-core and included in all Ansibleinstallations. In most cases, you can use the shortmodule namereboot even without specifying the collections: keyword.However, we recommend you use the FQCN for easy linking to themodule documentation and to avoid conflicting with other collections that may havethe same module name.

These keys are the closest thing to a keyboard shortcut key to rebooting the keyboard. However, in Windows, you can create a batch file that reboots the computer and then create a shortcut to run that batch file. For help with creating a batch file to reboot the computer, see: How to shut down or restart the computer with a batch file.

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Describes a WorkSpace that could not be rebooted. ( RebootWorkspaces ), rebuilt ( RebuildWorkspaces ), restored ( RestoreWorkspace ), terminated ( TerminateWorkspaces ), started ( StartWorkspaces ), or stopped ( StopWorkspaces ).

Some packages require a reboot of the target to complete their installation. Until that reboot is completed, the package might not be fully functional, and other installs might fail. This module provides a resource type to let Puppet perform that reboot, and providers to support Windows and POSIX systems. HP-UX is not supported.

By default, this module only reboots a target in response to another resource being applied --- e.g., after a package install. On Windows targets, you can also have Puppet check for pending reboots and complete them before applying the next resource in the catalog, by specifying when => pending.

By default, when this module triggers a reboot, it skips any resources in the catalog that have not yet been applied. To apply the entire catalog before rebooting, specify apply => finished. For example, if you have several packages that all require reboots, but will not block each other:

Optional. Specifies when to apply the reboot. If set to 'immediately', the provider stops applying additional resources and performs the reboot as soon as Puppet finishes syncing. If set to 'finished', it continues applying resources and then performs the reboot at the end of the run. Valid options: 'immediately' and 'finished'. Default value: 'immediately'.

Note: With the default setting of 'immediately', resources further down in the catalog are skipped and recorded as such. (In Puppet versions prior to 3.3.0, they're left out of the report entirely.) The next time Puppet runs, it processes the skipped resources normally, and they might trigger additional reboots.

Optional. Sets the number of seconds to wait after the Puppet run completes for the reboot to happen. If the timeout is exceeded, the provider cancels the reboot. Valid options: any positive integer. Default value: '60'.

Optional. Specifies how reboots are triggered. If set to 'refreshed', the provider only reboots the target in response to a refresh event from another resource, e.g., installing a package. If set to 'pending', Puppet checks for signs of any pending reboots and completes them before applying the next resource in the catalog. Valid options: 'refreshed' and 'pending'. Default value: 'refreshed'.

Note: For when => pending reboots, Puppet can normally detect a pending reboot based on some specific system conditions (such as the existence of the PendingFileRenameOperations registry key). However, if those conditions aren't resolved after the target reboots, Puppet triggers another reboot. This can lead to a reboot loop.

When to check for, and if needed, perform a reboot. If pending,then the provider will check if a reboot is pending, and onlyif needed, reboot the system. If refreshed then the rebootwill only be performed in response to a refresh event fromanother resource, e.g. package.

When to apply the reboot. If immediately, then the providerwill stop applying additional resources and apply the reboot oncepuppet has finished syncing. If finished, it will continueapplying resources and then perform a reboot at the end of therun. The default is immediately.

The amount of time in seconds to wait between the time the rebootis requested and when the reboot is performed. The default timeoutis 60 seconds. Note that this time starts once puppet has exited thecurrent run.

The show will undoubtedly prove to be just as popular when it opens on Broadway later this year. Whether or not the Back to the Future franchise will also enjoy a resurgence in cinema, though, remains to be seen, however, stars of the film Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd have previously suggested that a gender-swapped reboot could work. Meanwhile, there have even been rumors of a Back to the Future television series.

The past few years have seen a boom of reboots on TV: Fuller House, iCarly, How I Met Your Father, Bel-Air. Even Frasier is getting rebooted. But while we've seen reboots of sitcoms, we have yet to see a sitcom about a reboot... until now. Enter Hulu's Reboot, a comedy from Modern Family co-creator Steven Levitan about the team behind a revival of an early 2000s sitcom.

That sitcom? The fictional Step Right Up, about a stepfather meshing with his new family. The team? A collection of writers, actors, and executives who keep butting heads over how to proceed with this new show. Hannah (Rachel Bloom), the reboot's showrunner, constantly faces off against Gordon (Paul Reiser), Step Right Up's original creator, about the tone of the show. While she'd prefer it to be an edgier, grittier take on well-known characters, he wants to keep Step Right Up exactly the same.

Then there are the actors. Reed (Keegan-Michael Key) left Step Right Up to pursue dramatic film roles, but when that didn't work out, his career stagnated. He sees Hannah's vision for the reboot as a chance to play a more nuanced version of his original character. Bree (Judy Greer) is seeking a change after a stint as a Scandinavian duchess went south. Loose cannon Clay (Johnny Knoxville) is just trying to keep his life under control, while former child actor Zack (Calum Worthy) struggles to adjust from child stardom to adult fame.

With a simple last -Fxn2 shutdown reboot command, the system wtmp file reports the two most recent shutdowns or reboots. reboot denotes the system booting up; whereas, shutdown denotes the system going down.

An ungraceful shutdown can be inferred by the omission of shutdown; instead there will either be a single reboot line (if the wtmp file had been truncated/rotated prior to the crash) or 2 reboot lines in a row, as in this example:

Another ungraceful shutdown:Presence of only one SYSTEM_BOOT record could be explained by the system being up for so long prior to the crash that audit logs of the previous reboot had been rotated out ... so that the only result is from when the system was just booted.

While they are not a bad thing in and of themselves, nor are they usually intended to outright replace the original work, a Continuity Reboot itself may be poorly received if handled poorly as it effectively negates any and all character development by a character to start anew and in extreme cases the rebooted character is effectively a completely different character under the same name. If the previous series has already ended and the Reboot is a revival of the franchise then it is more likely to be accepted by audience members.

Sister trope to Alternate Continuity, the difference is that a Continuity Reboot becomes the new main continuity rather than running alongside the previous universe. For example, Batman comics run alongside any Batman cartoon or movie that is currently airing and each are their own universe; this is an Alternate Continuity. The DC New 52 comics are a new continuity that replaces previous DC comics; this is a Continuity Reboot.note Of course, in more complex franchises, the two tropes can overlap. DuckTales 2017 is a reboot of DuckTales (1987), long since cancelled, but is also an Alternate Continuity of the original comics, which are still running.

A close relative of the regular Retcon and Cosmic Retcon and Retool. Overlaps with Fix Fic if the reboot's intent is to repair perceived problems with the original version. Compare also Soft Reboot which skirts the line between reboot and sequel. When a work makes fun of the concept, see Reboot Snark.

Often called a "re-imagining" by squeamish writers not wanting to admit that they are throwing out previous continuity (though not always, see Alternate Continuity for exceptions), though this causes confusion as "re-imagining" is also used in the same context as "remake": ground-up retellings with no connection to past continuity (Planet of the Apes (2001), for example, which is credited with popularizing the term "re-imagining" in this context). Often abused by ignorant journalists who refer to any reappearance of a show as a "reboot", even when it is explicitly a Revival. See also Continuity Rebooter (when the reboot is caused by a specific, identifiable character), Ret-Gone (when it just happens to one person) and Un-Reboot (when the original continuity is later revisited and ignores the newer canon).

  • Automobiles The Mini brand was bought by BMW in Turn of the Millennium, with a heavily redesigned shape and a whole new chassis that separates apart from the original. Although they do have nods to the original, they are completely different cars altogether.

  • Nissan rebooted the GT-R nameplate after their decision to separate it from Skyline luxury car range, with its first prototype being shown in 2001. However, it ended up Saved from Development Hell in 2007 when it became a supercar competitor, much like when Nissan envisioned.

  • The Hummer brand was shut down in 2010 due to General Motors' restructuring at that time (which also killed off Pontiac and Saturn brands). When it was relaunched in 2020 as a GMC model, it has gone fully-electric instead of carrying gasoline engines like their predecessors, though the Hummer Dinger trope is still in effect.



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