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Starblast Crack UPDATED

4. Another method uses a chisel to split the geode, making it more likely to end up with two equal halves. Set the geode on the concrete, place the chisel in the middle, and tap it very gently a few times with the hammer. Turn the geode a quarter turn and do this again. Continue scoring along the circumference of the geode until you see a crack form all the way around, then pull the two halves apart. (This method works best with hollow geodes.)

Starblast Crack

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A trio of researchers have given themselves the task to explore uncharted territory, closer to the equator of the planet. They packed themselves enough supplies to spend a week away from the research facility. After a couple days of traveling south, one of the researchers slipped and happen to smash his helmet's visor on a pointy rock. This created a crack in his visor, which exposed the researcher to breathe unfiltered air of the planet. A few minutes later, the researcher begins to have a fever while coughing up fleme and blood. Seemingly, there was not much time left for the researcher, as he is on the ground continuously coughing while the two other researchers watch helplessly. Two tall purple humanoid creatures come out of a nearby bush, which scares the two researchers and makes them take out their rifles. They are quickly stopped by more of the humanoid creatures and are carried to a civilization of these humanoid creatures. The sick researcher is given a medicine which quickly makes him recover from the sickness, making the researchers trust the humanoid creatures. The two other reseachers are offered to drink the medicine and they both accept, allowing them to unfiltered breathe air of the planet while being able to fight off biological threats. Among the researchers, they began to debate whether they should return to the facility, however, they decided they will not out of the fear they may be executed because they've been exposed to the planets life.


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