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Where To Buy Tickets For Chelsea Matches

You can buy your tickets through our secure booking system. has a wide range of Chelsea football tickets for both home and away matches. This is the online marketplace for every football fan. We have a lot of opportunities to get you a seat at Stamford Bridge when Chelsea is playing. Check out our site to see all our Chelsea match tickets.

where to buy tickets for chelsea matches

Cheap Chelsea tickets are available on The online marketplace for all your home and away matches. Search for the match you want to visit on our website and find the cheapest Chelsea tickets online. Our secure booking system makes it easy for you to place your order within a few simple clicks. Just take a look at all the matches in the list above and watch the Blues live in action for a good price.

The price for a season ticket at Chelsea tickets ranges from 125 to 940 depending on the section In the stadium, but Chelsea Premier League season tickets are usually sold out each season. You can buy and renew season tickets online at

SeatPick has all the latest information on when Chelsea tickets will go on sale. Once the official schedule has been announced, SeatPick will have Blues tickets available for purchase online. Usually, it's possible to buy tickets for domestic cup, and European away matches around 45 days prior to the match. You can also try to get tickets via Chelsea's ticket office when they are on general sale.

Cheap Chelsea tickets can be difficult to find. So what can you do to get cheap Chelsea Premier League tickets? First, try your luck on the official site. If you can't find Chelsea match tickets on the official site, then you can save money on Blues tickets and find cheap Chelsea tickets on SeatPick where there are no additional hidden fees, and you can find the best prices on the market. You will be able to find the cheapest Chelsea tickets that are available online.

Under the new license, supporters will be able to purchase tickets to away matches, with visiting fans also able to attend matches at Stamford Bridge. However, the club cannot sell tickets to Premier League home games, with only season-ticket holders able to attend those fixtures.

Our first recommendation is to check directly with the club to see if they have tickets available. Whilst most matches often sell out 8 weeks in advance, there are some games, mainly midweek matches which are often available to fans. If you want to purchase tickets directly from the club, the first requirement is that you must have a Chelsea Membership. Each season there is a limited timeframe when you can purchase the membership.

The more matches that you purchase throughout the season increases the membership points on your account. To purchase tickets for the big games against rivals such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City all require a large number of points.

If you are only interested purchasing tickets for one or two Chelsea matches, purchasing a membership is not really worth the investment. If however, you intend on visiting more than 4 times in one season then I definitely recommend you purchase a membership.

There are several types of tickets for a Chelsea football match, most being digital tickets or Season Cards. With paper tickets simply located which section in the stadium you are located, East, West, South or North. Each ticket will have the Stand Details and the block number. Go to the turnstile with the ticket and scan it through the electronic barcode readers installed. The light will change green and you can pass through. The ticket will show you where to go once inside the stadium. Digital tickets will be delivered via Email, allowing you to simply show the ticket upon entry into the stadium. All tickets purchased will come with complete details on how to enter the stadium.

There are 12 matches remaining to be played on the Chelsea FC soccer schedule. Supporters of the club can buy tickets to the Chelsea FC vs. Newcastle United FC game to be held on May 28th, 2023 at TBD right now. Soccer fans can buy one of the 8 tickets still available for the match in the price range of $941.00 to $941.00. Stamford Bridge at Chelsea Football Club, London, GL will be the host stadium for this matchup that will be held near the end of the season.

Chelsea's match against Arsenal could be bought through the FC Series website. The tickets for all three Chelsea matches could also be bought on Ticketmaster. The prices ranged from $45 to $195 depending on the type of ticket purchased.

However, under the terms of the licence, Chelsea were unable to sell tickets. Season ticket holders were still allowed to attend games and matches went ahead as planned, but no more tickets could be sold after that date. Furthermore, the club shops were forced to close.

Blues fans will be able to attend the FA Cup semi-final with Crystal Palace at Wembley and the Champions League quarter-final tie with Real Madrid. Fans of the women's team will be allowed to attend WSL matches. However, Chelsea will only have tickets available for Premier League away matches, with club members still unable to purchase tickets for games being held at Stamford Bridge. Fans of visiting teams will also be able to purchase tickets for the away section when their team visits Chelsea.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club reserves the right to take the strongest possible action against anyone found to be selling, offering for sale or passing on via any unofficial channel, match tickets and/or season tickets for any Tottenham Hotspur matches.

Compare prices for Chelsea FC tickets on our website. If you are a fan of The Blues, you will find the list of all Chelsea FC home matches and away matches. Chelsea is one of the best football clubs in England and Europe. They are part of the famous big 6 of the English Premier League and are always in the books to win silverware in domestic and European tournaments.

If you are passionate about English football, this could be your opportunity to come and watch a Chelsea match live from Stamford Bridge, where the atmosphere is incredible. Bear in mind that tickets to see a Chelsea match at Stamford Bridge are in high demand

Join the Chelsea FC waiting list for the 2023-2024 Premier League season (August 2023 - May 2024) and we will contact you as soon as tickets for Chelsea FC become available for purchase online. You will then be able to use our website to compare prices for Chelsea FC home and away matches, and then buy your Chelsea FC tickets for a match at Stamford Bridge in advance and at the best online price for every Premier League fixture.

To purchase tickets for home or away football matches, especially in the Premier League, domestic cup, and European tournaments, club members receive "loyalty points," which you can use for future purchases. There are more points granted for less popular games.

Purchase of tickets will result in the awarding of points, with the number of points earned depending on the level of opposition or competition. A single point will be awarded to members against opponents like Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur. Buying tickets for other home and away matches will earn a member three points.

When the club members get tickets for FA Cup matches, except for the semi-final match or the final, they will be awarded five loyalty points. They can also get five points when they get tickets for home and away games in the EFL cup, except for the final.

When members buy tickets for the group stage matches of any UEFA competition played in Stamford Bridge, or away tickets for all UEFA competitions, they will also be awarded five loyalty points. They will also get five loyalty points when they buy tickets for the UEFA Super Cup Final and the FIFA Club World Cup matches.

The area where a fan would like to view Chelsea matches can determine the price at which football fans can get Chelsea's season tickets. You enjoy a range of high-quality benefits as a season ticket holder. The prices are subcategorised into three. The adult, senior, and juvenile. Below are the prices of the different season tickets that you can get for Chelsea matches.

The best thing to do is to use ticket resale sites. Different sites are serving an expanded range of fans with the opportunity to support their football clubs. People can choose what games they want to watch and where they sit on resale sites. You can get either your Premier League tickets or FA cup tickets there. It doesn't come with a lot of merchandise or hidden charges. 041b061a72


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