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Isocpeur Bold Font

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Isocpeur Bold Font

This is the page of ISOCPEUR font. You can download it for free and without registration here. This entry was published on Friday, September 16th 2011, at 05:10 AM and was placed in the Regular catalog. Version of the ISOCPEUR is 1.02 - 02/12/98. This page was viewed 5187 times. File was downloaded 5497 times.

2. Unlike Word processors, bold is not an available option when editing text in Nitro. For example, if you are using Calibri and you want to make a section bold, you have to swap to the 'Calibri-Bold' font. To do this, click on the Edit tool, then select the text. The format tab will appear and here you can change the font type using the dropdown menu. Kindly refer to the screenshot attached.

Thanks for your help, but I downloaded the latest build as you suggested, and unfortunately, the Montserrat fonts still do not appear. I ran a Support Tools Report and see the fonts that I want at the bottom of the fonts list (see below),

[FONTS]Number of fonts installed: 426SystemTerminalFixedsysModernRomanScriptCourierMS SerifMS Sans SerifSmall FontsAdobe Caslon Pro BoldAdobe Caslon ProAdobe Garamond Pro BoldAdobe Garamond ProArno ProArno Pro CaptionArno Pro DisplayArno Pro SmTextArno Pro SubheadArno Pro Light DisplayArno Pro SmbdArno Pro Smbd CaptionArno Pro Smbd DisplayArno Pro Smbd SmTextArno Pro Smbd SubheadBell Gothic Std BlackBell Gothic Std LightBickham Script Pro RegularBickham Script Pro SemiboldBirch StdBlackoak StdBrush Script StdChaparral ProCharlemagne StdCooper Std BlackEccentric StdGaramond Premr ProGaramond Premr Pro SmbdGiddyup StdHobo StdKozuka Gothic Pro BKozuka Gothic Pro ELKozuka Gothic Pro HKozuka Gothic Pro LKozuka Gothic Pro MKozuka Gothic Pro RKozuka Mincho Pro BKozuka Mincho Pro ELKozuka Mincho Pro HKozuka Mincho Pro LKozuka Mincho Pro MKozuka Mincho Pro RLetter Gothic StdLithos Pro RegularMesquite StdMinion ProMinion Pro CondMinion Pro MedMinion Pro SmBdMyriad ProMyriad Pro CondMyriad Pro LightNueva Std CondOCR A StdOrator StdPoplar StdPrestige Elite StdRosewood Std RegularStencil StdTekton ProTekton Pro CondTekton Pro ExtTrajan ProRosewood Std FillRyo Display Std BRyo Display Std EBRyo Display Std HRyo Display Std MRyo Display Std SBRyo Gothic Std BRyo Gothic Std ELRyo Gothic Std HRyo Gothic Std LRyo Gothic Std MRyo Gothic Std RRyo Gothic Std UHRyo Text Std ELRyo Text Std LRyo Text Std MRyo Text Std RAdobe Wood Type Ornaments StdAdobe Fangsong Std RAdobe Heiti Std RAdobe Kaiti Std RAdobe Ming Std LAdobe Myungjo Std MAdobe Song Std LBernhard Modern Std RomanCaflisch Script Pro RegularChaparral Pro LightChaparral Pro SmBdKozuka Gothic Std BKozuka Gothic Std ELKozuka Gothic Std HKozuka Gothic Std LKozuka Gothic Std MKozuka Gothic Std RKozuka Mincho Std BKozuka Mincho Std ELKozuka Mincho Std HKozuka Mincho Std LKozuka Mincho Std MKozuka Mincho Std RLithos Pro LightMinion Std BlackMyriad Pro BlackMyriad Std SketchMyriad Std TiltNews Gothic StdNueva StdNueva Std LightSource Sans Pro BlackAdobe DevanagariTruenoWheat AgedWheatWheat RoughBarley AgedBarleyBarley RoughMontserrat Alternates BlackMontserrat AlternatesMontserrat Alternates ExtraBoldMontserrat Alternates ExLightMontserrat Alternates LightMontserrat Alternates MediumMontserrat Alternates SemiBoldMontserrat Alternates ThinIntro Regular ItalicIntro ThinIntro Thin ItalicIntro BlackIntro Black AltIntro Black InlineIntro Black ItalicIntro BoldIntro Bold AltIntro Bold ItalicIntro BookIntro Book AltIntro Book ItalicIntro LightIntro Light AltIntro Light ItalicIntro RegularIntro Regular AltMarlettArialArabic TransparentArial BalticArial CEArial CYRArial GreekArial TURArial BlackBahnschrift LightBahnschrift SemiLightBahnschriftBahnschrift SemiBoldBahnschrift Light SemiCondensedBahnschrift SemiLight SemiCondeBahnschrift SemiCondensedBahnschrift SemiBold SemiCondenBahnschrift Light CondensedBahnschrift SemiLight CondensedBahnschrift CondensedBahnschrift SemiBold CondensedCalibriCalibri LightCambriaCambria MathCandaraCandara LightComic Sans MSConsolasConstantiaCorbelCorbel LightCourier NewCourier New BalticCourier New CECourier New CYRCourier New GreekCourier New TUREbrimaFranklin Gothic MediumGabriolaGadugiGeorgiaImpactInk FreeJavanese TextLeelawadee UILeelawadee UI SemilightLucida ConsoleLucida Sans UnicodeMalgun GothicMalgun Gothic SemilightMicrosoft HimalayaMicrosoft JhengHeiMicrosoft JhengHei UIMicrosoft JhengHei LightMicrosoft JhengHei UI LightMicrosoft New Tai LueMicrosoft PhagsPaMicrosoft Sans SerifMicrosoft Tai LeMicrosoft YaHeiMicrosoft YaHei UIMicrosoft YaHei LightMicrosoft YaHei UI LightMicrosoft Yi BaitiMingLiU-ExtBPMingLiU-ExtBMingLiU_HKSCS-ExtBMongolian BaitiMS GothicMS UI GothicMS PGothicMV BoliMyanmar TextNirmala UINirmala UI SemilightPalatino LinotypeSegoe MDL2 AssetsSegoe PrintSegoe ScriptSegoe UISegoe UI BlackSegoe UI EmojiSegoe UI HistoricSegoe UI LightSegoe UI SemiboldSegoe UI SemilightSegoe UI SymbolSimSunNSimSunSimSun-ExtBSitka SmallSitka TextSitka SubheadingSitka HeadingSitka DisplaySitka BannerSylfaenSymbolTahomaTimes New RomanTimes New Roman BalticTimes New Roman CETimes New Roman CYRTimes New Roman GreekTimes New Roman TURTrebuchet MSVerdanaWebdingsWingdingsYu GothicYu Gothic UIYu Gothic UI SemiboldYu Gothic LightYu Gothic UI LightYu Gothic MediumYu Gothic UI SemilightHoloLens MDL2 AssetsAgency FBAlgerianBook AntiquaArial NarrowArial Rounded MT BoldBaskerville Old FaceBauhaus 93Bell MTBernard MT CondensedBodoni MTBodoni MT BlackBodoni MT CondensedBodoni MT Poster CompressedBookman Old StyleBradley Hand ITCBritannic BoldBerlin Sans FBBerlin Sans FB DemiBroadwayBrush Script MTBookshelf Symbol 7Californian FBCalisto MTCastellarCentury SchoolbookCentaurCenturyChillerColonna MTCooper BlackCopperplate Gothic BoldCopperplate Gothic LightCurlz MTElephantEngravers MTEras Bold ITCEras Demi ITCEras Light ITCEras Medium ITCFelix TitlingForteFranklin Gothic BookFranklin Gothic DemiFranklin Gothic Demi CondFranklin Gothic HeavyFranklin Gothic Medium CondFreestyle ScriptFrench Script MTFootlight MT LightGaramondGigiGill Sans MTGill Sans MT CondensedGill Sans Ultra Bold CondensedGill Sans Ultra BoldGloucester MT Extra CondensedGill Sans MT Ext Condensed BoldCentury GothicGoudy Old StyleGoudy StoutHarlow Solid ItalicHarringtonHaettenschweilerHigh Tower TextImprint MT ShadowInformal RomanBlackadder ITCEdwardian Script ITCKristen ITCJokermanJuice ITCKunstler ScriptWide LatinLucida BrightLucida CalligraphyLucida FaxLucida HandwritingLucida SansLucida Sans TypewriterMagnetoMaiandra GDMatura MT Script CapitalsMistralModern No. 20Monotype CorsivaNiagara EngravedNiagara SolidOCR A ExtendedOld English Text MTOnyxMS OutlookPalace Script MTPapyrusParchmentPerpetuaPerpetua Titling MTPlaybillPoor RichardPristinaRage ItalicRavieMS Reference Sans SerifMS Reference SpecialtyRockwell CondensedRockwellRockwell Extra BoldScript MT BoldShowcard GothicSnap ITCStencilTw Cen MTTw Cen MT CondensedTw Cen MT Condensed Extra BoldTempus Sans ITCViner Hand ITCVivaldiVladimir ScriptWingdings 2Wingdings 3MT ExtraLatoLato BlackOswaldDosisSource Sans Pro SemiboldMontserratOCR-A IIOCR B MTQuickType II CondensedQuickType II MonoQuickType II PiQuickType IISource Sans ProZWAdobeFEuro SignMoonAvenirLT-MediumAvenirLT-RomanFontAwesomeicon-brandGLYPHICONS Halflingsicon-largeicon-smallicon-uiMontserrat MediumMontserrat SemiBoldMontserrat ThinMontserrat BlackMontserrat ExtraBoldMontserrat LightMontserrat ExtraLight


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