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Home Learning Celebration Assembly REPACK

Well done everyone on another brilliant week of efforts with your home learning and at dealing with life at this difficult time. Thank you to all those who have shared their learning and experiences with staff - we all love to see what everyone is getting up to while we can't all be together. Take care, stay safe everyone :)

Home Learning Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly is the children's favourite assembly as they wait to see who has earned a certificate that week for showing good learning behaviours or excellent work. The children come out to the front to receive their certificate and occasionally show their work, whilst being applauded by the other children. It is always a pleasure to celebrate their achievements, however small, and it is the highlight of my week ( Headteacher).

Each class nominates children for 'Star of the Week' who have impressed them in some way, for instance mastering a new skill or being a good friend. The children then vote and the winner is presented with a certificate in the celebration assembly.

Wow Stars at home: This follows the same guidelines - to reinforce the home-school link and to allow parents to contribute to their child's learning journey. A big 'wow' star is sent home once every half term for parents to award a 'wow' to their own child for something that has been done well or for the first time. These are then shared with the class and celebrated through a special achievement circle time.

Our Home Learning Heroes are chosen by staff when they have consistently completed home learning tasks online, such as BugClub, Mathletics or TTRockStars. Others will have regularly read at home and had their reading record updated and signed by an adult at home or completed phonics or spelling activities to build on their learning in school.

Parents are invited to attend sessions aimed at sharing school strategies and practice to help deepen understanding of how these impact outcomes for students and how they can be replicated at home to provide consistency and a continuation of the learning journey.

At the end of each term the school invites families to attend a celebration assembly. These fun events each have a specific theme and are intended to bring the whole school community together to celebrate the students work.

We still video our assemblies each week and send the link out via email with our weekly newsletter. Hope you enjoy. We are now only putting special performance assemblies on here. You can find our latest Friday assembly on our home page.

In line with our Remote Learning Policy, children not in school have access to live teaching and learning on a daily basis. Where this doesn't work for a family, learning packs are provided. If you would like a hard copy of the learning pack, please don't hesitate to arrange this with the office. They will ensure that it is ready for you to collect and can, where necessary, arrange for it to be delivered to your home.

A big well done to Sienna and Roxanne! This week Sienna impressed us with the effort she is putting into her reading and the progress she has made, Roxanne has made a fantastic effort in all areas of learning this week, showing a really positive attitude to learning. Congratulations also to all of the readers who achieved a prize and certificate for reading at home.

In this week's celebration assembly Arnold and Henry were praised for their brilliant attitude to learning and all of the extra effort they have been putting in this week. We also celebrated Caleb and Jaxson who received certificates for 100 and 50 reads at home.

Quality First Teaching (QFT) in school is always THE most important thing. Home Learning is seen to accentuate the learning that occurs in school. For us, it is most about practising skills, alongside communicating with each other and learning key life skills at home.

Teachers maintain regular communication with parents, primarily through Seesaw. Seesaw is a world- renowned learning platform that supports parent-teacher-student communication, even across language barriers. Seesaw has a wide range of functions; students can create digital portfolios, complete home learning assignments, and work on collaborative projects. Families can log in to observe their child's progression and celebrate their successes.

This year, when considering your options for winter holiday events, celebrate winter the right way and choose the holiday assembly that will engage students, make learning fun, and leave your kids wanting more.

Weekly Celebration Assembly happens on a Friday afternoon at 3pm. The classes come together to celebration the learning from across the week. Star learner certificates are awarded, along with any Headteacher's Awards and Sports certificates. The children also receive their behaviour stars; these contribute towards the class tally for the term. At the end of the term, the class that have the highest percentage of behaviour stars and decide upon a class treat.

At the celebration assembly the staff share with the children and the parents why this child has been chosen to receive an award for this area of learning. The children receive a certificate that is displayed in the foyer of the school and a voucher to spend. 041b061a72


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